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Advent Giving Trees
Nov. 28 – Dec. 13

TAGS will be placed on GIVING TREES in the Church
with the names of Non-Profit organizations plus
suggestions for gifts and donations needed

- click here for details -

Find Out About OLM's First Set of Two Keepsake Christmas Ornaments Here


Aid Refugee Crisis: Emergency Response

Refugee Crisis:
Delivering Aid, Experience, Commitment
Help CRS bring desperately needed aid to people living ‘the worst refugee crisis since WWII'.

Mothers Prayers
This group enables mothers to pray together for their children
and grandchildren and to find the support they need

Ministry of the NET  (Internet that is!)

Our Lady of Mercy is looking for a volunteer to help maintain the Parish website - urolm.org.

Typical updates include the weekly bulletin attachment and periodic ministry schedules. In general, changes to the website require about an hour a week.

The current website is home-grown and tool-independent.  The web-hosting service supports a variety of web-authoring software and likely includes whatever software you are comfortable with.

The new webmaster will also have the opportunity to provide practical guidance to the parish staff in making revisions to the website.

Interested?  Email webmaster@urolm.org

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"Dear brothers and sisters, the Church loves you!
Be an active presence in the community,
as living cells, as living stones."
~ Pope Francis

C a p i t a l   C a m p a i g n

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Our Lady of Mercy Parish is a Catholic community that worships
God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, celebrating Mass,
proclaiming the Gospel Message and uniting in prayer.

We strive to welcome all and to educate ourselves and others
in the Good News of Jesus Christ. We support one another in
times of joy and sadness and attempt to serve each other by reaching
out to those in need in our community and beyond.

We are imperfect people on a journey.
Our goal is that the life of each person leads to the Lord.